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About us


Dear Sir/ Madam,


Welcome to the website of PPH VARIA Sp. z o.o. We encourage you to read the history, profile and the main business lines of our company.


PPH VARIA Sp. z o.o. was established in 1988. It was initially a producer of pharmaceutical preparations based on natural plant materials. The production profile was changed as a result of gaining experience, analysis of market trends and the needs of our potential customers. While the demand for a concentrated source of nutrients was increasing on the market, the main direction of the company’s activity involved the production of dietary supplements and the body care preparations based on plant ingredients showing a curative effect on skin ailments.

Currently, VARIA mainly produces dietary supplements in the form of tablets and capsules. These supplements have a common name recognizable on the market: HUMAVIT®. They are available in at least 80% of pharmacies across the country as well as in herbal stores and drugstores.


The aim of HUMAVIT® products is to supplement daily diet of every adult with vitamins and minerals.


HUMAVIT® dietary supplements are attractive, high-quality products meeting the expectations of anyone who take them. Their recipes are developed based on current scientific publications and contain components of proven quality confirmed by research.


HUMAVIT® products are of the PREMIUM class, and therefore they are of the highest quality class. Such a position is awarded to, inter alia, due to the content of significant quantities of active substances required to achieve the expected health effects. In addition, appropriate equipment, employees’ knowledge, professionalism, experience and commitment, as well as an efficiently functioning Quality Management System ISO 9001:2009, ISO 22000:2006 and HACCP Food Safety System allow VARIA to achieve its purpose of introducing modern and health-safe products on the market


HUMAVIT® ® dietary supplements are varied and directed to a wide range of recipients. The offer includes products, inter alia, for diabetics, for people caring about their external appearance, struggling with constant stress or overweight, wanting to improve their well-being and vitality, strengthening their mental and physical condition. 


The number of awards, distinctions and certificates granted to VARIA and HUMAVIT® is the proof of popularity, and above all, the quality on the product market. These include, inter alia:


– “Teraz Polska” Emblem for HUMAVIT®MORWA BIAŁA (white mulberry) and HUMAVIT® Skrzyp i Pokrzywa (Horsetail and Stinging nettle) dietary supplements;

– Market Leader for the best company in Poland producing dietary supplements;

– Fair Play Company;

– Solidna Firma (Solid Company);

– ZZłoty Laur Konsumenta (Consumer’s Golden Laurel).


It is an obligation

Customer’s satisfaction is the best recommendation.

logo-humavitYour health and beauty line!

Safe and effective dietary supplements.


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