VARIA | The fourth issue of HUMAVIT®quarterly
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The fourth issue of HUMAVIT®quarterly


The fourth issue of HUMAVIT®quarterly

Slimming has become fashionable. It is spoken about for a whole year, and the less time to summer and vacation is, the more people want to lose unnecessary kilograms of their body as soon as possible. The questions arise: “What to do to lose weight?”, “What methods will be effective?”, “What to eat and what not to eat?”.

On the one hand, it is correct because overweight does not cause anything positive, but on the other hand, people should firstly think why they want to lose weight and whether they definitely should do it.

Slimming is the subject of our next issue of HUMAVIT®quarterly, which is already available at clinics, pharmacies, and herbal and medical stores.

Below you can find the fourth issue of HUMAVIT® quarterly in PDF format.




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